3.5.7Stichting Continuïteit SBM Offshore N.V.

In this paragraph, SBM Offshore’s anti-takeover measures are described as well as the circumstances under which it is expected that these measures may be used.

A Foundation ‘Stichting Continuiteit SBM Offshore’ (the Foundation), has been established on March 15, 1988. In summary, the objectives of the Foundation are to represent the interests of SBM Offshore in such a way that the interests of the Company and of all parties involved in this are safeguarded, and that influences which could affect the independence, continuity and/or the identity of the Company in breach of those interests are deterred. The Foundation will perform its role, and take all actions required, at its sole discretion. In the exercise of its functions it will, however, be guided by the interests of the Company and the business enterprises connected with it, and all other stakeholders, including shareholders and employees.

The Foundation is managed by a Board, the composition of which is intended to ensure that an independent judgment may be made as to the interests of the Company. The Board consists of a number of experienced and reputable (former) senior executives of multinational companies. To be kept informed about the business and interests of the Company, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, CEO and the CGCO are invited to attend the Foundation Board meetings.

The Board of the Foundation consists of: Mr. R.P. Voogd, Chairman, former public notary, Mr. A.W. Veenman, vice-chairman, former CEO of the Nederlandse Spoorwegen, Mr. R.H. Berkvens, CEO of Damen Shipyard and Mr. B. Vree, former CEO of APM Terminals. As per December 1, 2016, Mrs. H.F.M. Defesche and Mr. J.O. van Klinken were appointed Board members. Mrs. Defesche is former Group Director Legal Affairs at Royal Imtech and former General Counsel at Stork Group. Mr. Van Klinken is currently General Counsel at Aegon. In 2016, Mr. C.J.M. van Rijn stepped down as member of the Board. In 2016, the Board amended the Foundation’s articles of association.

The Management Board, with the approval of the Supervisory Board, has granted a call option to the Foundation to acquire a number of preference shares in the Company’s share capital, carrying voting rights, equal to one half of the voting rights carried by the ordinary shares outstanding immediately prior to the exercise of the option, enabling it effectively to perform its functions as it, at its sole discretion and responsibility as it deems useful or desirable.

The option agreement between SBM Offshore and the Foundation was lastly amended and restated in 2011, to reflect a waiver by the Company of its put option and the alignment of the nominal value of the protective preference shares with the nominal value of ordinary shares by reducing the nominal value of EUR 1 to EUR 0.25 and the related increase in the number of protective preference shares as per the amended articles of association of the Company. In the joint opinion of the Supervisory Board, the Management Board and the Foundation Board members, the Foundation is independent as stipulated in clause 5:71 section 1 sub c Supervision Financial Market Act.