4.1General Information

The Company maintains open and active engagement with its stakeholders, both internal and external, which include shareholders, clients, non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) and suppliers during each year. The Company aims to provide its stakeholders with timely, consistent and accurate information. Information is provided, among other means, through press releases, webcasts, conferences, meetings with shareholders and research analysts and the Company website. The Company website provides a constantly updated source of information about the core activities and latest developments. Press releases and Company presentations can be found there under the Investor Relations Center section.

The objective is to inform and to understand SBM Offshore’s stakeholders’ expectations, identify areas for improvement and create long-term relationships, with the focus on sustainable development. In 2016, in response to feedback from the market, the Company disclosed full year EBITDA and revenue guidance in order to help our stakeholders better understand the anticipated financial performance expected by the Management Board.

SBM Offshore is fully aware that its actions have an impact on many stakeholders that may have different expectations of the Company. Details of the Group Stakeholder Engagement Progam can be found in section 6.1.4 Stakeholder Engagement.