3.9.1Group Enterprise Management Systems (GEMS)

SBM Offshore operates under a Global Enterprise Management System (GEMS). GEMS has been structured around three main process domains known as executive processes, core processes and support processes, with the core processes further modelled into the Win, Execute and Operate phases.

Group values and policies are embedded to support the correct governance of SBM Offshore’s organization and business activities. These form the foundation of GEMS and its processes, which are consistently applied throughout all the Regional Centers, in-country offices and vessels.

GEMS allows an integrated end-to-end approach to all the business activities of SBM Offshore and of the joint venture operating companies, with clear and formal ownership of key processes and clear identification of key controls. It provides a cohesive framework for Quality and Regulatory compliance, Health and Safety, Security of Personnel and Assets, Protection of the Environment as well as Risk and Opportunity Management throughout the product life cycle, ensuring the Company’s Sustainability.