4.2Investor Relations

SBM Offshore releases audited full-year earnings results and unaudited half-year earnings results, which both include full financials, within sixty days after the close of the reporting period. For the first and third quarters, SBM Offshore publishes a trading update, which includes important Company news and financial highlights. The Company conducts a conference call for all earnings releases and trading updates during which the Management team presents the results and answers questions. All earnings-related information, including press releases, presentations and conference call details are available on our website. Please see section 4.5 for the financial calendar of 2017.

In addition to financial updates, the Company hosts an Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (’AGM’), normally in April of every year. An agenda for the meeting is published six weeks ahead of the AGM and shareholders are asked to vote directly or by proxy on resolutions contained in the agenda. The AGM also offers shareholders a forum for questions and communication, which the Management Board and Supervisory Board view as an opportunity to foster an open dialogue on the direction and performance of the Company. Information related to past and future AGMs, including notices, resolutions, agendas, and minutes, are available on the Company’s website.

From time to time, the Company may determine that an Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (’EGM’) is required to vote on a resolution, which is too time sensitive to wait for the next AGM. Shareholders will receive notice and an agenda for any EGM in the same manner in which they are received for the AGM and all information will be available on the Company’s website. During 2016, an EGM was held on November 30 at which Mr. D.H.M. Wood was appointed as a member of the Management Board for a term of four years up to the AGM in 2021. Mr. D.H.M. Wood has been designated as Chief Financial Officer of the Company by the Supervisory Board, replacing Mr. P.M. van Rossum who has retired.