Investment and Capital Expenditures

Total investments made in 2016 reached US$ 34 million compared to the US$ 775 million in 2015. Highlights for fiscal year 2016 investments are:

  • Capital expenditure of US$ 14 million compared to US$ 23 million in 2015.
  • Net investments in finance leases totaling US$ 20 million compared to US$ 704 million in 2015.

Total capital expenditures for 2016, which consist of additions to property, plant and equipment plus capitalized development expenditures, were related to minor investments.

Due to the classification of the contracts as finance leases under IFRS, investments in the units were recorded as construction contracts, with the investments in finance leases ultimately recorded as financial assets. The net investment in these finance lease contracts amounted to US$ 20 million in 2016, which compares to US$ 704 million in 2015, and is reported as operating activities in the consolidated cash-flow statement.

The decrease in property, plant and equipment in 2016 to US$ 1,474 million, compared to US$ 1,686 million at the end of 2015, resulted from the very low level of capital expenditure less normal depreciation and amortisation.