6.1.4Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement

SBM Offshore is fully aware that sustainable business can only be achieved by interacting with its stakeholders and understanding the impact the business has on its environment. The Company realizes that engaging with its stakeholders is an important source of information to assist in defining risks and opportunities as well as setting the Company’s strategic objectives within the value chain.

To shape stakeholder engagement, SBM Offshore identified key stakeholders by mapping the level of influence on and level of interest in the Company. Main stakeholders are the Company’s employees, shareholders, the investor community, clients, business partners and suppliers. Other important stakeholders are lenders, export credit agencies, governments in operating areas, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), oil and gas industry associations, universities, researchers and potential investors. Throughout the year SBM Offshore engages with these stakeholders on a continuous basis as part of regular operations and captures that information.

Internally, SBM Offshore organizes regular Town Hall meetings where top management share business updates and establish a dialogue with staff; including participation in worldwide Company events such as Life Day. SBM Offshore also regularly shares information and updates on strategies, projects and people with its employees through the company’s intranet site and via its internal monthly newsletter.

The Company maintains open and active engagement with its external stakeholders through regular business interactions, including the annual shareholders meeting, analyst and investor road shows/meetings, a Capital Markets Day for financial analysts, analyst webcast presentations, Press Releases, Website updates, surveys and desktop research.

The feedback obtained forms the backbone of the Company’s stakeholder engagement program. The program is complemented with other interaction with stakeholders, in order to validate findings and the feedback received feeds into management's approach to Materiality and long term value creation.

SBM Offshore performed a Materiality assessment to identify the aspects that are material to its ‘license to operate’ and its ‘license to grow’ (see 2.12 Sustainable Business for more explanation). The key performance indicators stated for 2016 are based on topics identified as material for SBM Offshore. SBM Offshore discloses its performance indicators to allow stakeholders the opportunity to provide feedback on the Company’s impact, in connection with its sustainability policies, targets and performance. General standard disclosure and aspects of lesser priority are included in the Global Report Initiative Table (see GRI Table).

Stakeholder engagement

The table below shows per stakeholder group their expectations of SBM Offshore.

Shareholders, Investors & Loan Providers


Clients, JV and Business partners

Classification Society

NGOs & Assocations


Technological innovation to maintain a leading position and support the energy transition

Compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, concerning the full scope of economic, ethical, social and environmental issues

Maintenance of a high standard regarding anti-bribery and corruption procedures, Code of Conduct and business ethics

Predictable cash flows and liquidity

Contribution to local development, protection of human rights, ethical business, behaviour and culture

Sustainable Business Creation

Focus on health safety and process safety

Attention to the search and retention of talent, including talent development

An increase of renewables in the energy mix for the future

Efficiency in the use of energy and natural resources and care for the protection of the environment

Efficiency in SBM Offshore operations, with an cost effective sustainable supply chain to support this

Focus on calculating the total life cycle costs of product

Project Performance

SBM Offshore Values your Opinion

SBM Offshore would like to know more about which economic, social and environmental issues are important to its stakeholders.

Would you like to participate in SBM Offshore’s 2017 Stakeholder Engagement or provide feedback for the 2016 Stakeholder Engagement? Please write to us at .