2.11.1Local Communities

SBM Offshore operates its floating production systems offshore throughout the world. The Company will also construct substantial parts of the facilities in the countries of operation depending on local content requirements, existing infrastructure and project economics.

Management Approach

The management approach is to engage and create a positive impact on local communities and when possible their development, through the Company’s core business as well as the localization of employees in-country and the development of local talent and local community programs. A competitive advantage is created with successful localization programs and the development of construction yards. Development of local economy and workforce improves the social and economic situation in country.

2016 Performance

Nationals employed in workforce (Localization)

For fleet operations, engagment and development of the local workforce is the main indicator for successful local content development. SBM Offshore monitors the percentage of local workforce and invests in training to increase or maintain the targeted level, which is a KPI for the Company.

Key Markets

  • In Angola 62% of the offshore workforce consists of Angolan nationals
  • In Brazil 71% of the offshore workforce consists of Brazilian nationals

Localization programs in both Angola and Brazil focus on education and training of nationals to enter the workforce.

Local community activities and programs in 2016


  • The Monaco Regional Center (RC) continues to work closely with local NGOs including Actif Azur, HELP and Digital Aid to donate computers, screens and mobile phones for re-use. In 2016, over 400 pieces of equipment were donated.
  • Monaco employees are also very active in the annual No-Finish Line event to raise money for charity, with over 200 employees participating. The 2016 goal for the event was to cover the distance between the earth and moon (384,400 km), which was achieved, with a new record of 392,516 km.
  • In addition, the Monaco RC in collaboration with the above event, participated in the Oceanographic Museum’s first ever dedicated pedal power event called ’No Finish Lights’ – promoting the Principality’s eco-friendly commitment. A light installation decorating the Museum façade was powered by 30 stationary bicycles, which were peddled by participants. SBM Offshore’s Monaco RC Cycling Club, which promotes biking to work has achieved over 26,000 kg CO2 emissions avoided compared to commuting by car in 2016.


  • In Brazil, SBM Offshore supports local communities where the Company has activities by supporting initiatives such as the Babylonia daycare center in Rio de Janeiro’s Leme neighbourhood and educational programs such as the creation of the Welding School Professional Training Program with local partners. Support is provided through charitable monetary donations and by SBM Offshore employees who play an active role in activities and events.


  • The Company’s RC in Kuala Lumpur has created a dedicated CSR Team, comprised of employees who are committed to partnering with local Malaysian charities to support their cause, while at the same time creating a platform for employees to contribute to the communities, where they live and where the Company operates.
  • The team also engaged in many volunteer activities including donating their time and sharing their skills to repair a local orphanage home, as well donating surplus office stationery to an educational charity initiative and to tutoring young refugees.


  • SBM Offshore Houston RC held three donation drives to collect food and household items for local charities in the community. Blood donation drives are held quarterly in the Houston office.
  • A health and fitness program is available to all employees, which includes access to fitness facilities, monthly 5-kilometer walks or runs, information sessions on health and fitness and in-house fitness classes. Close to 40 employees participated in the Cypress Half Marathon, which donates money raised to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.


  • Almost 12 years ago SBM Offshore, in partnership with the local community, built the Lubango Orphanage to house and school young girls. Further to supporting the orphanage, SBM Offshore now provides the girls with computer training and by assisting in securing employment for them.

The Netherlands

  • The Ocean Cleanup Project has been working on a floating barrier solution, which will allow the ocean currents to passively gather waste plastic. SBM Offshore has been involved in the project since 2014, through the donation of the time and expertise of employees. The engineers have supported many phases of the project – from mooring system design and layout, to anchor installation, as well as identifying potential suppliers and provision of ‘adhoc’ troubleshooting.
  • Employees participated in the city’s Harbor Run obstacle race for the Dutch Maritime industry.