6.1.3Value Creation Model

By defining value drivers that strengthen its business proposition, SBM Offshore ensures that it leverages its differentiated products and services throughout the full product lifecycle to match clients’ needs. Each value driver, combined with its synergies, optimize the added value for clients and shareholders. In addition the value drivers provide a level of assurance that the excellent performance, to which SBM Offshore aspires, will be delivered.

In 2016, SBM Offshore further developed its Integrated Business model in line with IIRC integrated reporting framework. The Company's vision and values are reflected in the model (see section 1.7 Materiality-based Value Creation) and contribute to SBM Offshore’s track record and reputation as an industry leader. The core of the model, reflects the main business activities – engineering, construction and the Lease and operate of units – and outputs. The input capital is described as a ’value driver’ and the outcome as ’added value’ in relation to the six capitals (see section 1.7 Materiality-based Value Creation).